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Niners Nation Open Thread: Video Content Ideas

As we head into the weekend, I wanted to use an open thread to pose an important question to everybody at Niners Nation.

Pretend you have access to a video crew that is producing video content just for Niners Nation. What do you want to see? Detailed play breakdowns from each week's 49ers game? The fan cave of some of our hard core fans? Send in a fan to an opponent's bar or even stadium and film what goes down (likely with much needed legal releases!).

SB Nation has been cranking out some great content through a YouTube channel, but it has been provided on a broader sort of "national" basis. The video folks are looking for ways to help the blogs come up with site specific content. I'm opening the floor for discussion because we want to make video content that you guys would enjoy (sorry, no porn).

If you could create video content for Niners Nation, what would it be? The NFL Draft is fast approaching, so if you have ideas for that, feel free to provide them. One thought I had for after the draft, when things get quiet until late July, would be using video to discuss the depth chart projections. We can mix in some graphics of the depth chart moving names here and there.

While we might not be able to execute some ideas, don't let that stop you at this point. For now, just provide any and all ideas you would love to see on the front page (and yes, I was serious when I said no porn).

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