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Brandon Jacobs: 'My role is going to come off how much I earn'

The 49ers made the Brandon Jacobs signing official yesterday as they finally had him in for a conference call with the media. I missed out on the conference call, but Grant Cohn has a transcript of the call. Jacobs discussed what attracted him to the team, as well as his childhood fandom of the 49ers. He actually said that he found himself rooting for the 49ers when he saw them on prime time and the Giants weren't playing. We've heard players say they are fans of a team, but that is an interesting step beyond that.

The most refreshing comments, if you want to use that term, related to his expected role with the team:

Q: Have they told you anything about your role?

JACOBS: My role's going to come off of how much I earn. I'm going to earn everything that I get. You're not supposed to tell someone what they're going to do because it's a funny game - things can work out for you one time and it can't the next time. I'm going to get as much as I earn.

In signing a one year deal, Brandon Jacobs will have to earn whatever he can get. While a running back selection in the draft might provide some insight into the 49ers depth chart plans, no running back would leave plenty of room for questions and intrigue heading into training camp. I think the 49ers end up with Jacobs making the roster, but there is a lot of time between now and the first week in September.