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49ers Needs Heading Into The Draft, According To Scouts Inc

Now that free agency is wrapping up, the folks at ESPN and Scouts Inc are breaking down the various needs for each team as they close in on the NFL Draft in just under three weeks. They broke down the NFC West and it's behind an Insider wall, so I thought I'd pull some of that information out for folks.

They provided the top six needs and for the 49ers, the needs were listed as follows:

1. Guard
2. Defensive Line
3. Cornerback
4. Linebacker
5. Tight End
6. Wide Receiver

Defensive line remains the biggest question in my mind as far as what may or may not be a need for the team. The team is looking strong across the starting front three and most of us are fans of Ricky Jean-Francois. It will come down to how the team feels about Will Tukuafu, Demarcus Dobbs and Ian Williams. They all looked sharp in the exhibition season last year, but we saw little action from any of them once the season began.

Just based on my own thoughts of the various units, I would actually place safety in there ahead of cornerback. The team can never have too many cornerbacks, but the team also has limited depth at the safety position. The team may or may not have big plans for C.J. Spillman, but whatever the case, they need to bring in another safety for depth purposes.