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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith Is Back At It

Another day, another Nuggets. Happy Easter to all. I hope everyone has a good day and drives safely. There wasn't much going on in the Ninertopia (as I'll hereby refer to this dreamworld that Harbaalke have created for us). Alex Smith is doing the good deed again. I haven't heard a peep from him on the subject either, which, in these days, is refreshing.

Yesterday's Nuggets was a mega-edition. That's the kind of bulk and depth an overcast holiday weekend allows you. They won't always be that in-depth, but might as well make them as grand as possible with the time you have each day. Right? So, we're heading into the home-stretch before the draft. Most free agency business has been conducted, and we know where we're all at. Most of the independent pundits (I'm not saying we're all biased here, but it's good to get outside opinions from time to time) have us sitting pretty. And it's been years since we've been in this position, and it feels good. And.....we're off

Looks like Alex Smith is at it again. He has been busy modelling new uniforms and giving interviews, and now with his spare time, he's once again helping in the search for missing teen Sierra LaMar. He's brought help this time. According to various social media sources, Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, and Delanie Walker are with him. | Alex Smith rejoins search for missing teen. (Mercury News)

Bay Area Sports Guy has a take on the Brett Swain re-signing. He's not toeing the usual party line here. If Mrs. Swain is reading, I'd advise her not to click this link. | Swain re-signing doesn't make sense. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Madieu WIlliams has been offered a contract by the Washington Redskins. The terms are unknown, but if he accepts, this will be the second safety defection this week. We'll have to assume then that the 49ers will be seeking depth in the draft. | Redskins make S Madieu Williams an offer. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Another list of winners and losers from free agency with us in the winner category although the Broncos are atop said category. This one is from SFGate. We'll see you in the pre-season, Denver! | Winners and losers from free agency. (SFGate)

Mike Sando gives us an updated positional roster count of each team in the NFC West and compares them with their 80 man roster counterparts from last season. It's a 'big-picture' look in his words and gives an idea of where we need to draft and what cuts may be made and to which position group heading into the season. | Big picture look at NFC West rosters. (Sando)

Since there's not a lot of news happening I thought I would include this link. It's a list of the prospects in this months upcoming draft with the greatest upside. It includes Stephen Hill so it pertains to the 49ers, as Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke are, as I write this, are flipping a coin to decide whether or not they will draft Coby Fleener or Stephen Hill right now. And that is the extent of their draft preparation. | Draft prospects with the most upside. (National Football Post)

Here is a link that covers the drafts prospects who have risen the most with their pro day workouts. Coby Fleener appears on it. (See above paragraph for further commentary). | Players stock watch after pro days. (

More on the recent Brandon Jacobs interview. He believes he's joining a winner. He's a two-time winner. It's a pairing of winners. Sounds good to me. Also on this link is a video of an Alex Smith interview. | Jacobs on joining a winner. (

Today's 49 in 49 profile is LaMichael James, the Oregon Ducks RB. They say he's too small for the NFL. He's definitely an electric player. Darren Sproles is only 5'6". | 49 in 49: RB LaMichael James. (

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