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Daniel Kilgore: Having A Little Faith?

The right guard position has been discussed over and over again the last few months as we try and figure out the 49ers plans for a position that is important for what it has to handle on its own, as well as what it has to handle with right tackle Anthony Davis.

Manraj made a good point in one of yesterday's posts when he mentioned how we don't know a whole lot about Kilgore and the team's impression of him is a defining factor of this offseason. The first two days of the draft could tell us a lot about how the 49ers view Kilgore. A guard selected in the first three rounds could very well mean the team wants to move him to center, or simply lacks significant faith in him.

It's all speculation for us for now because Kilgore did not see much playing time and the team is sort of bouncing around a variety of possible moves at the position. The team has spoken with some veteran options, but none has signed on the dotted line quite yet.

Just to once again help us get a bit reacquainted with Kilgore, I've posted a few videos after the jump.

Daniel Kilgore selection

Trent Baalke discusses Kilgore

Kilgore talks at the Combine