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49ers NFL Mock Draft Database: Nobody Knows Anything

We're back for another round of the Niners Nation 49ers mock draft database, and aside from Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill, it is pretty much pick a player day. Coby Fleener and Stephen Hill make up 13 of the 30 mock drafts, but beyond that there is a whole mish-mash of players and positions. We've got ten different positions and 16 different players on the board. Fleener and Hill would appear to represent commonly believed needs, but even that might be a matter of sites forcing them into the pick to satisfy their apparent belief.

We now sit less than three weeks away from the 2012 NFL Draft. It is safe to say none of us has any idea what will go down three Thursdays from now. The big curve ball coming down the pike is the potential for a variety of trades throughout the round. The Washington Redskins made their move up the draft board, and now it sounds like the Minnesota Vikings are pondering a move down. If they are smart they will wait until draft day and see if teams get desperate. The Vikings are in position to take Matt Kalil and add some serious beef to that offensive line.

I still have this gut feeling that the 49ers make a move from No. 30. There have not been any rumblings about it, but it is just something that is on my mind. Part of that is due to the lack of many significant needs beyond depth. The guard position is potentially in flux, but otherwise the team is drafting even more so for the long haul than normal. Something just strikes me about possibly moving around. Maybe they use some picks to move up for a bigger impact player. Maybe they deal back for a 2013 first round pick.

Whatever happens, it could make for an even more interesting first round for 49ers fans. A late round pick in a draft filled with all sorts of possibilities will likely keep most of us tuned in throughout day one. I'm kind of excited about that.