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Golden Nuggets: Movin' On Up (But Probably Not In The Draft)

First off, a huge thanks to Aaron for giving me so much help with the Golden Nuggets. I'm very glad you all have been liking what he brings to the table, especially during an offseason that is about to get really boring post-April (thankfully we've got the NFL Draft first), so get ready for that. He'll be sticking around and grabbing the Nuggets whenever his life allows him to, especially as I have other things to take care of.

And though it's not expressly 49ers related, I started my writing career at Niners Nation - doing these Nuggets - and I wanted to relay some of my exciting news. Starting today, I'm taking over as the editor of SB Nation Bay Area, as Fooch moves on to bigger and better things with the SB Nation mothership. I'm bringing our own Tre9er and Dylane DeSimone with me (though they are not stopping here, and I told them to consider Niners Nation more important, and I am also not done writing here). It's been an insanely fun four years of writing (literally just four years - I hadn't known this would be my career when I started doing the Nuggets out of boredom in 2008) and I'm hoping to have many more.

So give us a follow at @sbnbayarea (and check out all of Fooch's non-NN stuff at @davidfucillo) and know that I love you all. SO MUCH, CHILDREN. SO MUCH. Hope you had a good Easter or zombie day or whatever the kids are calling it these days - onto the 49ers linkage after the jump (though there's not a ton today!)

It's pretty clear that there's some tongue-in-cheek here, but I do firmly believe that Gregg Williams was not a good coach to begin with. In all honesty, I'm disappointed he wont be with the Rams this year - his scheme doesn't fit them at all and it would have made them fall apart pretty spectacularly. | Gregg Williams is also a poor coach (Ostler)

You know, I don't always agree with Scott Warfe and the things he says as a guest contributor to the Bay Area Sports Guy, and the introduction to his latest piece is ... certainly something. This is an interesting take on Saints bounty situation, but it does fall in the category of "things I disagree with." A well-written piece, regardless. | Blame it on the game, not the Saints (BA Sports Guy)

I said before that Michael Floyd is the only receiver I'd be OK with trading up for, and I stand by it. The guy can be a game-changer right off the bat, and if he falls into the bottom 12, the 49ers need to consider a trade. | Top-ten buzz builds as Floyd lines up several pre-draft visits (PFT)

The last three words in this headline sum it all up for me. It's nothing new, but I'd just like to reiterate: why the hell is Brett Swain back for another season? I was very, very, very slightly interested in seeing him come in last season, but now? What's the point? | 49ers sign Brett Swain for some reason (BA Sports Guy)

Good on Alex Smith, and now Joe Staley, Patrick Willis and Delanie Walker for joining in on the search for Sierra LaMar. | Alex Smith rejoins search for missing teen, brings teammates (Inman)

Again, not really "new" but I did want to say that the only thing that really bothers me about the Gregg Williams recording being released is the method in which it was released. It was released solely for self-promotion and things of that nature. | Filmmakers defends release of Williams recording (Yahoo! Sports)

Good to note that Shawntae Spencer doesn't have a chip on his shoulder. The guy really should do very well for the Raiders. | Spencer said he doesn't have a chip on his shoulder (SF Chronicle)

49e in 49: WR Juron Criner (

Being a Sheep

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