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2012 NFL Free Agency: Reviewing the New York Giants

In my preview of the New York Giants heading into Free Agency, I basically predicted the future ("Mario Manningham is a FA ... [and] I would love it if the 49ers gave him a look") and I spent a lot of the time insulting the Giants, what with calling them "one of the historically weaker teams to win the Super Bowl."

What can I say? I was super bitter and upset about the NFC Championship Game. And well, I still am. That said, I may have been selling the team short. They do have a fairly deep roster with only a couple of holes to fill. This problem is only exacerbated by their lack of action in Free Agency, too. Traditionally, I don't think of the Giants as one of those teams to make huge Free Agency splashes (or, at least, I can't think of any huge recent signings - though I feel like I may be missing something. Tell me in the comments if I am). Also, the Giants are pretty close to have some cap issues. No big signings this time around in NY.

The major move for the Giants this offseason was the signing of TE Martellus Bennett, who can come in and help out an already impressive passing game. Even though he is not a WR, any new pieces for Eli Manning to target should help offset any potential loss from Mario Manningham leaving.

Moreover, the Giants were able to keep CB Terrell Thomas and P Steve Weatherford. For the most part, though, the Giants have been sitting on the proverbial laurels, hoping to repeat with the talent they already have.

This may be slightly complicated by the fact that along with Manningham and RB Brandon Jacobs, CB Aaron Ross and T Kareem McKenzie have left in Free Agency. On offense, they have a huge need at RT, and their run game, on some accounts, was one of the worst in the NFC. Look for them to shore up these needs in the draft, along with a couple new and shiny LBs to help with their run defense.