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2012 NFL Draft Profiles: Peter Konz - C - Wisconsin

Starting, oh...I dunno, NOW, I'll be rolling out some brief scouting reports and commentary regarding some NFL Draft prospects who could be targets for the 49ers this year. I'll post some blurbs from a few scouting sites (Fooch may add more) along with my own personal feeling about the prospect.

First on the list, for no real reason, is Peter Konz, center from Wisconsin. He's a guy who could conceivable be available with the 49ers first round pick (30th overall). Why would the 49ers look at a center, you ask? I would answer the question with a question:

Who is the backup center should Jonathan Goodwin suffer an injury? Adam Snyder left in free-agency. Chase Beeler is a bit of an unknown after spending 2011 on the practice sqad. While it's been rumored that the 49ers two late-round offensive linemen from the 2011 draft might be groomed to play center, we've not seen either get any real time at the position.

The other answer is that most centers are also decent players at the guard position, which is certainly a need with both Snyder and Chilo Rachal (presumably) gone.

After the jump we take a look at a scouting report and my take.

NFP's Wes Bunting had the following to say about Konz (for more, click here):

Impression: For a taller center showcases impressive flexibility, as he typically gains leverage on contact and uses his length to gain proper hand placement. Has some limitations because of his height and will allow defenders to get under him at times.

However, for the most part is able to quickly re-set his hands, sink his hips and keep the inside of the pocket clean in pass protection.

Showcases an good snap through the hips in the run game, is routinely able to create a push inside and drive opposing nose tackles away from the play and/or seal. Looks like a "plus" run blocker in the NFL in more of an angle scheme.

He goes on to say that Konz shows good short area quickness when asked to get out to the second level (also key for pulling as a guard), that he's tough, plays through pain and through the whistle.

My impression of Konz is that he's better suited to play center than guard. His weight/height ratio (6'5" 315lbs.) and tendency to allow defenders underneath him could be a concern when facing pass rushers nearer the edge as a guard. Since I'm not convinced he could play guard in 2012, this devalues him some for me. I'd be ok with the pick, but wouldn't be excited to take Konz in the first round.