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Golden Nuggets: More Draft Talk, Football School Begins

I'm apologizing up front for this edition of the Nuggets. It's going to be a quick one and a bit late. Power failure is an act of you know who. I'll get straight in to the links.

Cam Inman puts in a good effort here. He goes over the 90 man roster, lists the players at each position, gives the projected starter, and gives a large comment about the position. A good point of reference for where the team is at right now. | 90 man rosters and projected starters. (Mercury News)

Colin Kaepernick is ready to begin his first offseason. He's looking forward to working on the fundamentals and other things he didn't get the opportunity to do due to the lockout. | Kaepernick eager for offseason training. (

Matt Barrows has a few notes on the days on-field work. Some new numbers and a few quotes from Harbaugh about the QB depth chart. | Barrows notes. (Barrows)

LaMichael James audio from KNBR. (

Bay Area Sports Guy talks about the futility of trying to grade the draft. He discusses past opinions and high marks for previous picks that haven't panned out. | BASG grades the draft graders. (BASG)

Here is a list of the newest 49ers twitter handles. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Randy Moss began his first day of workouts as previously agreed upon. He was "super fast," according to Joe Staley. | Moss begins workouts. (NBC Sports)

49ers begin football school. That's what they call the period where they begin training on techniques and fundamentals within their position. | 49ers begin football school. (

Cam Inman reports from the first day of "football school." Moss called them eye-opening. Baalke gave an interview about them which is transcribed. | Notes from football school. (Mercury News) notes that Randy Moss showed up for work, but now his roster spot is in doubt. They proceed to go over the position on the team. They don't even mention Chris Owusu. | Moss' roster spot in doubt. (

Matt Maiacco answers 40 tweets from fans. A modernized mailbag. | Maiacco answers tweets. (CSN Bay Area)

The 49ers clearly drafted to add speed to the offense. They now have more big play potential. At no point last year did anyone ever give you the impression they could break free at any time and go 50+ for a touchdown. Both LaMichael James and AJ Jenkins had 4 TDs of 50+ yards and ran the 40 in under 4.40. | 49ers added some serious speed to offense. (Branch)

Another article about the need for speed. Same topic but a different writer. This was one also discusses some of the draft grades given to the Niners. | 49ers add speed. (NBC Sports)

Peter King, in MMQB, address Trent Baalke's hoodwinking of the other GMs to get their guy, Looney, and get 3 future picks and S Trenton Robinson out of it. He also compliments them later on in the article. The link will take you to page 2 where he begins to talk about the Niners. | Peter King MMQ praises Baalke. (

We've got 4 extra picks in the 2013 draft and can expect to receive 2 compensatory picks for the losses of Josh Mogan and Adam Snyder in free agency. | 49ers have most 2013 picks. (NBC Sports)

Mike Sando examines the 49ers draft manoeuvring and accumulation of picks for next year. (Sando)

Sorry was rushed and late, but better late than never. Post any relevant links I may have missed in the comments. Help us out. Thanks.

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