Time To Trade Michael Crabtree

Success in the NFL is about jettisoning expensive and under performing veterans, avoiding expensive free agents and stockpiling draft picks to use as trade currency. Balke and Harbaugh seem to understand this.

Given the recent additions to the roster in the WR position, it would seem to be an opportune time to evaluate Michael Crabtree's market value. Could we not trade Crabtree for a first round pick in 2013? Yes, he has faced several injury challenges, but his ability to contribute to this team this season is an open question.

We have three new WR's competing for playing time, plus several returning veterans. There are only so many practice reps available to get them on the same page with Alex Smith.

Trade Crabtree to the Redskins. Grab their first round pick for 2013. It is likely to be a good one.

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