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Randy Moss: Getting To Know His Harbaughisms

The San Francisco 49ers opened up their second stage of offseason activities on Monday, as players could begin to receive instruction from the coaching staff. Randy Moss made his first appearance with the team, taking part in a variety of drills and workouts. The folks at had a breakdown of day one, including a variety of practice footage and interviews with players.

Far and away the best comments came from Moss after practice wrapped:

Like the coach said, we gotta get better everyday and take it one day at a time. So, hopefully we can come out here and just do better than we did today.

I'm always a fan of athlete cliches, particularly taking it one day at a time. But when you can book-end it with always fantastic Harbaughisms, well that's just a winner. It's only one day of comments, but there is something almost cult-like about how the team rolls out the "gotta get better each day" line.

I'd recommend checking out that practice footage. It doesn't really provide a lot of insight about the team, but it is some basic football footage and maybe it'll whet your appetite for at least a little bit longer.