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49ers Schedule 2012: NFL Odds Released For 16 Weeks Of Football

In previous years, I have put together a post in which I considered to what extent the 49ers would be favorites or underdogs in each of their 16 regular season games. This season that will not be necessary as some odds have already come out for much of the season. The folks at Cantor Gaming released NFL spreads for the first 16 weeks of the season. They did not release Week 17 because of the uncertainty surrounding starters that week. Cantor operates several sportsbooks in Las Vegas, including the M Resort, Hard Rock, Tropicana, Cosmopolitan, Venetian, Palazzo, and the Palms.

After the jump I've posted the 49ers 2012 schedule and their gambling status for the game. They are favored in all their home games and are underdogs in four road games. The opening lines have them as dogs to the Packers, Jets, Saints and Patriots. They are only sitting as one point underdogs to the Jets, so that line could swing mightily.

In reality, all the lines could swing considerably between now and game day. I have to think there will be at least one team, if not more that is a surprise strong performer, and others that will unexpectedly struggle this season. Just about all these lines will change in some form or fashion over the next eight months. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see the starting point for the spreads.

In related news, released NFL divisional odds and the 49ers are fairly sizable favorites to claim the division:

49ers -200
Cardinals +450
Seahawks +450
Rams +700

Week 1: @ Green Bay Packers - 6.5 point UNDERDOG

Week 2: vs. Detroit Lions - 3.5 point FAVORITE

Week 3: @ Minnesota Vikings - 4.5 point FAVORITE

Week 4: @New York Jets - 1 point UNDERDOG

Week 5: vs. Buffalo Bills - 7.5 point FAVORITE

Week 6: vs. New York Giants - 3 point FAVORITE

Week 7: vs. Seattle Seahawks - 7 point FAVORITE

Week 8: @ Arizona Cardinals - 3 point FAVORITE

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: vs. St. Louis Rams - 9 point FAVORITE

Week 11: vs. Chicago Bears - 4.5 point FAVORITE

Week 12: @ New Orleans Saints - 3.5 point UNDERDOG

Week 13: @ St. Louis Rams - 5.5 point FAVORITE

Week 14: vs. Miami Dolphins - 7 point FAVORITE

Week 15: @ New England Patriots - 6.5 point UNDERDOG

Week 16: @ Seattle Seahawks - 2.5 point FAVORITE

Week 17: vs. Arizona Cardinals - No line yet