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2012 49ers Roster: A Youthful Team

Looking at the roster this time of year is pretty much where we are at in terms of "making it thorugh the off-season without going crazy due to the lack of football".

In doing so, I noticed some trends that are not all that alarming...but interesting nonetheless. The main thing I noticed is the youth on this team. Granted this time of year teams have signed a considerable number of rookies via the draft and also those free-agents who weren't drafted.

I did the math and the average age is a whopping 25 years old at this point. The mean age is 24 and 81 of the 90 players currently on the roster are under the age of 30.

Now, doing some rudimentary roster projections, mostly assuming that the guys from last year will make the team again (minus one or two here and there)...I come up with an average age on the 53-man roster of 26 years old, with the top 45 players under the age of 30.

Of the eight guys over the age of 30, three of them are special teams players, one is Randy Moss, and only four are starters on offense or defense.

Bottom-line? The team's future looks bright and the strategy of building through the draft while resisting big-name free-agents has seemingly paid-off in terms of having youthful players who should be able to play at high-levels for a while.

Kudos Mr. Baalke.