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Dashon Goldson Might Sign His Franchise Tender Soon...Or Maybe Not

A little over half the 49ers roster was on hand for offseason activities and it sounds like the 49ers are a little closer to getting one more player signed, sealed and delivered.

Cam Inman initially tweeted that Whitner indicated Goldson would be in town to sign his tender. Mindi Bach tweeted that Whitner expects Goldson to be with the team sometime next week, so maybe it is not as much a lock that he'll sign the tender right away. Kevin Lynch tweeted that Whitner said Goldson would be in Santa Clara on Monday, but he wasn't sure if Goldson would sign his tender then. Inman followed up after that by stating what Lynch tweeted.

At this point, Goldson could be coming to town for his own face-to-face contract negotiations. Or he could be in town to sign the tender and get to practicing. A lot of franchised players will wait until some point into training camp before signing the tender, but that is not always the case. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what next week brings for Hawk and the 49ers.