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2012 NFL Draft: Reviewing the Green Bay Packers

While a 15-1 record is simply unsustainable, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that the Packers have many pieces in place for a long-term run in the NFL. Or, at the very least, I don't think many people can disagree with the assertion that the pieces are clearly there on the offensive side of the ball. The team is relatively young and the talent is there.

The bigger problems for the Packers are most definitely on the defensive side. Defending the pass became increasingly problematic for the team as the year went past. While some of the blame belongs to the Secondary, it appears that most of it resides with the pass rush.

These needs are almost completely reflected in the Packer's draft. Picking only two offensive players, with their last two picks nonetheless, the Front Office instead elected to add heaps and heaps of defensive players to the team. Some of these players, I think, represent pretty good value and potential for where they were picked, like DT Jerel Worthy from Michigan State, chosen in the 2nd round. But, sometimes just having bodies in camp add to the team (which isn't to say that the Packers drafted particularly poorly by any means, just that they seemed to favor adding a ton of defensive guys in hopes that a few will contribute).

Joining Mr. Worthy on the d-line will be first round pick DE Nick Perry from USC and DT Mike Daniels from Iowa, having been selected in the fourth round. Both of these guys look to add to the pass rush, though does it not seem weird to you to have Worthy picked after Perry, or is that just me? Looking to add to the pass rush attack is OLB Terrell Manning from North Carolina State. To round out the defensive picks, I would also like to mention second round pick CB Casey Hayward from Vanderbilt (who, I think, has a lot of potential) and SS Jerron McMillian from Maine.

This finally gets us to the Packers' two seventh round picks: OT Andrew Datko from Florida State and QB B.J. Coleman from Chattanooga. I know it's pretty rare for a seventh round pick to become a superstar, but how annoying would it be if he sat on the bench for a few years before taking over the starting job and totally dominating? Yeah, yeah, Aaron Rodgers is too young for this to happen. It's just annoying how seamlessly they transitioned from Brett Favre to Rodgers. Man, I wish the 49ers had something like that happen to them at some point in their minor history...