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Caption This: Breaking Ground

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Welcome to the most groundbreaking Caption This yet!

Okay, okay. I apologize for that. I do. I was scraping the barrel there, and not on account of need. I have this entire spare barrel full of comedy goo. I just so hate breaking a new seal before I'm sure that I got the most out of the last one.

Maybe if I water down the old goo I can get more out of it....

Nobody even has to know...

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the 49ers new Santa Clara stadium, Denise DeBartolo tells Jed and John York to take this job and shovel it.

Perfect. Demolition Man references never go out of style, just like the three shells method. Heh. See, I did it again. Maybe this ol' barrel has some mileage left in her after all.

I held back from using the groundbreaking photos in this feature for a while, but I just kept coming back to this photo. What is Denise DeBartolo looking at? Is it a spaceship? Why can't she even be bothered to strike the shoveling pose? Is the spaceship that amazing?

You tell me. Take a moment to head down to the comments section and give us the best caption for this photo. While you're there, rec any you see that make you laugh. 49erLou took home the most recs last week.