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49ers Rookie Minicamp: Newcomers Off To Rough Start

The San Francisco 49ers opened their rookie minicamp today and it sounds like things did not get off to a particularly good start for many of the newcomers.

Jenkins spoke with the media briefly after practice and indicated the pace and speed of the 49ers camp was sufficiently different from his own personal workouts. It is waaaaaay too early to take much of anything from this. I would be curious to know how the 49ers workouts compare to workouts around the league. Additionally, I'd be curious how many rookies struggle when they report to the post-draft minicamp.

It's certainly not about making excuses for any of the rookies since they knew this weekend was coming, but it's still something to keep an eye on as we move forward. Hopefully this is just an initial issue and will get the rookies heads on straight as offseason activities continue.