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Golden Nuggets: Happy To Be Wrong About Randy Moss

Morning ladies and gents. I hear a lot of buzz about Randy Moss - seems a lot of folks are starting to get excited. Personally, I don't see how a couple folks saying that he still "looks fast," means that he's suddenly going to have 1,000 yards next season. I guess I just don't see him doing much. I see him getting cut, and if he makes it, he won't have more than 200 yards. I see him giving up, same as always, and that's my pessimism for the offseason.

Happy to be proven wrong, of course. Onto the quick links for the day, now that I've made my less-than-bold prediction.

Harbaugh says 49ers rookies 'out of shape'(Press Democrat)

Harbaugh sees 'dramatic improvements' in Smith's mechanics (Maiocco)

QB Fleming learning on the fly ... so what else is new? (Barrows)

Boone faces tall challenge to win starting guard job (Maiocco)

A.J. Jenkins vs. Chris Owusu (Cohn)

'Randy freakin' Moss' impresses Harbaugh, teammates (Maiocco)

Jenkins among those gasping for air -- but at least not his hamstrings (Inman)

Report: 49ers hire former Wazzu head coach as offensive assistant (Branch)

Rookie notes: Fifth-round pick Fleming nicked early in practice (Barrows)

49ers sign five more draft picks, one remains (Gin)

Chris Owusu looks good in 49ers rookie minicamp (Lynch)

Grant follows up with Anthony Davis (Cohn)

Moss makes shining impression in 49ers debut (

Slowey Lines up at Center with 49ers (

Andrew Iupati Attends Rookie Camp (

Harbaugh Seeks Creative Destruction (

Being a Sheep

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