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Alex Boone Might Hold Early Lead At 49ers Right Guard Position

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh took some time to chat with the media on Friday, and he provided quite a bit of information on numerous topics. During the season, it is virtually impossible to get pertinent information out of Coach Harbaugh, but during the offseason he seems less concerned about people learning details.

We've been breaking down a variety of Coach Harbaugh's comments, but these might be the most pertinent for this point in the offseason:

Jim, Alex [Boone] has been talking about moving inside, was there any thought given to T Anthony Davis moving inside, or, might that still, is that still an option?

"Well, our first plan is to move [T Alex] Boone there, which we already have, and he's doing a really good job. Feel like moving Anthony there and move back outside and we'll be changing two starters, where Boone can come in and fill that role and we will be in great shape. That will be the first course of action."

His height, Boone's height is 6'8. Is that an issue or a concern for a guard?

"Is he really 6'8"?"

That's what he says.

"I don't think so, I think he's added a few inches."

"The thing I tell you what makes me side with what I think is because he bends so well. He bends so well at the knees. He's got a great arch in his back. I think he plays low enough to play that position, so I'm feeling good about it."

If indeed he takes that spot, do you guys have to look at depth at tackle, if he does become your right guard?

"Yeah, [G] Mike Person is here, we've got [G] Garrett Chisolm is here, as well. Our first consideration is let's get our five best starters here, then six and seven, eight and nine as well for depth. We're conscience of putting that line together right now and I think we're in good shape."

The 49ers do not have their full roster in place at camp, which impacts any position battles. While several offensive linemen are in camp, enough are either out of camp or unable to practice, leaving a few positions shuffled up. Jonathan Goodwin was not at voluntary activities this week and Chase Beeler is dealing with a broken hand, which led to Daniel Kilgore handling center duties this past week. Rookie Joe Looney is in town but cannot yet participate in football activities due to his Lisfranc injury.

As it currently stands, Coach Harbaugh indicated Alex Boone has been the first choice at the right guard position. It remains to be seen if it is the first plan while some of the roster is not practicing, or if Boone is the first plan overall. I still think they want an eventually healthy Joe Looney taking over the job, but it remains to be seen. My reason for thinking that is because Kilgore has the versatility to play center and Boone works well as the swing tackle.

Coach Harbaugh has consistently said this is about getting the five best guys on the offensive line. There is some question about moving your primary backup tackle into the starting lineup at guard, but if you are rolling out your best five, then so be it. There is a certain roll of the dice, unless the team becomes sufficiently comfortable with Mike Person as a possible second-string swing tackle.