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Golden Nuggets: Paul Wulff Joins Staff, Rookie Minicamp Notes

Good morning everyone and Happy Mother's Day to the mothers and to those who have one. That means you! I only get to see mine once every couple of years so you better be nice to yours.

We've got a new coach on the staff so everyone should give a warm welcome to Paul Wulff, previously the head coach of Washington State. He didn't have great success there, but Jim Harbaugh did coach against him in college, so we must assume he brings the goods. The rookies are out of shape, but who isn't at this time of year? I'd expect that most of our rookies had their minds and bodies focused on school and graduation once the college season ended. They'll come around.

We have a new member of the coaching staff and his name is Paul Wulff and he was formerly the head coach of Washington State. He is taking the role of "senior offensive assistant", which is really not defined. We'll soon find out what exactly he does and will do. | Paul Wulff added to coaching staff. (Maiocco)

Matt Maiocco and Coach Jim Harbaugh made a bet about Alex Boone's height and Maiocco won. Officially, Boone is 6' 7 1/2". There is a video of the event embedded. | Maiocco wins bet against Harbaugh. (Maiocco)

Maiocco has been watching the Niners minicamp and the WR are sticking out. Aside from top pick A.J. Jenkins, we've got Chris Owusu trying to put his concussion problems to rest. There are lots of videos embedded on the side. | WRs stand out at rookie minicamp. (Maiocco) notes that AJ Jenkins needs to get in better shape. This was reported on yesterday, but there's some more notes at the bottom on the rookie minicamp. | Jenkins needs to improve conditioning. (

Tre Faaborg tells us why A.J.Jenkins is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at the next level. With such a lofty draft status he'll need to put in the extra work to prove the naysayers wrong. So far it looks like he's keen. | Jenkins ready to do whatever it takes. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Does A.J. Jenkins complete the passing attack for the 49ers? This article answers that question. Defenses will definitely have to approach the team from multiple angles this year, and that's one step in the right direction. | Does Jenkins complete the passing attack? (

Alex Smith is getting help on his mechanics from former major league pitching coach Tom House. House has also helped the Giants' Barry Zito in the past as well as other notable QBs. | Smith getting help from pitching coach. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Matt Barrows gives us the scoop on one of the least exciting, yet most important, aspects of the team, scouting staff changes. Fun... | Changes to scouting staff. (Barrows)

Cam Johnson fell to the 7th round, despite draft guru Mike Mayock rating him as his 50th best prospect. Eric Branch thinks he could be one steal of a pick, and notes that Johnson has something to prove. | Cam Johnson could be steal. (Branch)

The Niners have hit the field running. That's what the Chronicle says. They note that while this used to be a tense time of the year under old-school taskmasters Nolan and Singletary, now it's a professional football factory. | Niners hit the field running. (SFGate)

Matt Barrows also discusses the gruelling pace the rookies have been put to at the minicamp. Harbaugh wants to simulate what it will be like for them later this month when the entire team gets to practice together for the first time. | Harbaugh puts rookies through gruelling workout. (Barrows)

There are reports that not everyone is happy with the new 49ers stadium. Some in Santa Clara feel spurned that the team has decided to team up with the city of San Francisco to make their case for bringing the Super Bowl to the Bay Area, despite the stadium being in Santa Clara. | Some upset with new stadium. (NBC Sports)

A video from the official website. | Rookie minicamp off to a fast start. (

And, finally, I'm just throwing this link in there because it's laughable and because Jerry Rice has been in the Niners related news lately in regards to mentoring first round pick AJ Jenkins. Brandon Marshall has said that, "Even Rice would have failed in Miami." (

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