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NFC West Recap: Russell Wilson Impressing In Seattle

The 49ers wrapped up their rookie minicamp over the weekend, but due to closed doors, there was not much to be said about the Saturday and Sunday parts of the camp. We'll get some more thoughts as information comes along, but in the meantime I figure there are other pertinent teams making news.

The most interesting bit of news as far as the 49ers are concerned is the emergence of Russell Wilson in Seattle as what appears to be a fairly viable candidate for the starting quarterback position. Wilson apparently impressed the Seahawks coaching staff enough that Pete Carroll thinks he can be viable competition for the starting quarterback position.

While it is only minicamp and things can change drastically by the time training camp gets going, this is still an interesting and moderately amusing development. Earlier this offseason, the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a three year, $19.5 million contract. Although Tarvaris Jackson was expected to compete with Flynn, it seemed apparent that the Seahawks wanted to Flynn to win the job.

Now that they have added Wilson and find themselves with some measure of confidence in him, it is entirely possible Jackson could end up no better than the number three quarterback on the roster. Plenty can happen over the next three months, but the writing would appear to be on the wall for T-Jax.

As for the Seahawks offense? Well, they remain a significant question mark on the offensive side of the ball. Marshawn Lynch was a beast last year, even with a fairly anemic passing attack. They need to develop that passing attack in some capacity to make the next step. They will be throwing several variables into the mix, not the least of which is trying to keep their wide receivers healthy.

While the entire division adding some intriguing talent to the mix this offseason, the Seahawks are the team that scares me the most heading into 2012 from top to bottom.