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Golden Nuggets: LaMichael James Credits Grandmother, Anthony Davis v Cohn Zone

Good morning Nugget-heads. How is everything? There's not much to report today, unless you're interested in the ongoing Anthony Davis vs. Grant Cohn feud. I'm not, but, hey, that's all we get from a Sunday this time of year. Don't worry, later in the year good things will happen on Sundays. I'll go ahead and start off with a nice mom-based story before letting the mudslinging take over.

LaMichael James gives all credit to his grandmother when it comes to his success. He lived with her his entire life, and when she passed away when he was 17, he continued to live in the house, by himself for a year and a half, until he left for Oregon. A nice story that lets you see what makes James tick. | James credits grandmother for success. (Barrows)

First we let Grant Cohn weigh in on the feud. I don't know why Anthony Davis is getting so bent out of shape, but he's not happy. Cohn's response here is just silly as he's set up a writing competition to further insult Davis. But if you dislike Cohn, you've got hundreds of comments bashing him in hilarious ways to sift through on this, the slowest of news days. | Grant Cohn responds to disgruntled Davis. (Cohn)

Cohn announces winner of competition. (Cohn)

Next, Bay Area Sports Guy rips Cohn using logic, the one thing that's been sorely lacking in this entire escapade. Note to Cohn family: Don't read this if you're sensitive. Some of it hurts. | BASG jumps into the fray on Davis v Cohn. (BASG)

Here's a story that I inexplicably missed yesterday. National Football Post cautions us about buying into the hype surrounding Randy Moss. The hype he mentions is a few of the other Niners, namely Donte Whitner, saying he was still fast. What else are guys going to say about a teammate in May. That's not hype, just standard May-talk for 'Moss is on my team'. | Buying into the 'hype' around Moss. (NFP)

While answering a question in regards to Sam Bradford, Mike Sando, notes that Alex Smith was the only NFC West QB to make it through all 16 games last season. | Sando wishes QBs health. (Sando)

And on a less-than-spectacular final note, has done a video series on the greatest comebacks of all-time. We're number two on the list, but on the wrong side of the final score. 1957 Playoffs and the Detroit Lions, came back from 27-7 to win it and many credit this as the beginning of a long stretch of failure for our boys. Oddly enough, this video has more Niners than Lions. | NFL greatest comebacks: 1957 Lions v Niners. (

So....that's it people. Nothing doing. Me and David were discussing ways to get a bit more out of the Nuggets on these kinds of days. Submit any suggestions in the comments below and I'll give them all consideration. I've still got ideas you'd given me when I first started helping out, I just haven't needed to use them until now. I'll revisit them and anything new you throw my way.

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