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2012 NFL Draft: Reviewing the New York Giants

The future for the Giants is probably disappointing - at least for the short-term. Repeating a championship victory is incredibly tough, and all the optimism that goes into the next season has the potential to get shattered in horrible ways. For us Bay Area guys and gals, the most recent example is our Giants. When Buster Posey was injured post-Championship, it was just horrible. This isn't to say that Eli Manning will be injured or something. I surely hope not: he's a star in this league and makes the game better.

No, it's just really hard to defend. That's the nature of sports. And the weird thing about the Giants is that you can project them to win it again or not even take their division, and I won't have a solid counter-argument. This team is somewhat enigmatic. Clearly, the talent is there. They are pretty deep at some positions, too, and I think this last draft just made them better. But, 9-7. Maybe they are better than that. Maybe that was last year and the team has changed. But, 9-7.

Regardless, if there is anything beside the Super Bowl onto which Giants fans can latch, it's their draft. I am a huge fan of their first three picks, actually. RB David Wilson from Virginia Tech can step in day one and try to rebuild what may have been their weakest offensive weapon: the run game. The guys can really carry the ball, but perhaps more importantly for the make-up of New York, he can catch the ball too. Another weapon for Eli is another headache for us this season.

On the offense, Wilson is joined by second round pick WR Rueben Randle from LSU. One could argue that he is a steal in any round but the first, so picking him up at the very tail end of the second adds great value to the team. He rounds out their solid three picks alongside personal draft crush CB Jayron Hosley from Virginia Tech.

To round out the defense, the Giants also picked DT Markus Kuhn from North Carolina State in the seventh round. The other three picks also find their proverbial football homes on the line of scrimmage: TE Adrien Robinson from Cincinnati in the fourth round, OT Brandon Mosley from Auburn also in the fourth round, and OT Matt McCants from UAB in the sixth.

My favorite part of the draft: listening to announcers forever confuse Hosley and Mosley. I also think they should switch jerseys one day. You know, just for funsies.