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49ers To Sign LB Eric Bakhtiari, According To Report

It looks like we might have our first tryout player benefiting from a strong minicamp workout. Matt Barrows is reporting linebacker Eric Bakhtiari is expected to get a contract offer from the 49ers in the coming days. Bakhtiari has bounced around the league for the last four seasons, first signing with the Chargers as a UDFA in 2008. He spent time on their practice squad before being released and signing with the 49ers in October of 2008. He returned to the Chargers, then got three games on the active roster with the Tennessee Titans and wrapped things up more recently with the Kansas City Chiefs.

For those looking for a connection, Bakhtiari spent his college years at the University of San Diego, where he played for Jim Harbaugh. He was brought in for the rookie minicamp and according to Barrows, he was able to take advantage of hamstring injuries suffered by draft pick Darius Fleming and UDFA Kourtnei Brown. For those looking for a scouting report on Bakhtiari, I think Scouts Inc summed it up best:

Bakhtiari needs more playing time and exposure to be evaluated.

The 49ers already had 90 players on their roster, which means they will have to release somebody in order to make room for Bakhtiari. Odds are high that Bakhtiari ends up getting cut by the end of August, but if he can continue to show some things, maybe he surprises some people. He's a long-shot to make the roster, but crazier things have happened.