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Golden Nuggets: Darius Fleming Has Torn ACL, Hall of Fame Input

Hello everyone. How is everything this morning? Bad news on the injury front. Darius Fleming's injury has turned out to be a worst case scenario as he has a torn ACL. That will most likely put him out for the season, although one of the articles I read on the topic noted that Jeremy Newberry tore his ACL in an early offseason camp and was on the PUP list until week 9 before being placed on the roster. He didn't get into a game though. So, we'll see what happens. I was looking forward to seeing what he could do. The immediate beneficiary would be Cam Johnson and any other rookie OLBs vying for reps in camp and a roster spot.

In other news, the 49ers are looking for input into the new Hall of Fame. They've invited many of the writers (I've linked to Matt Barrows' story on it, but all the news outlets have something to add on it) to give input. And, the fans get to send in questions, comments and suggestions to the writers. It's almost like we're sitting next to Joe Montana! Well...almost....OK, not really. But, it's nice that they're looking for outside input. To the links!

Darius Fleming, who just signed a four-year contract on thursday has torn his ACL and will be out for a while. Chances are he won't play this year and that's an unfortunate turn of events for a 5th round draft pick. | Flemming has torn ACL. (Inman)

Brainstorming sessions are going on for the 49ers new Hall of Fame and one of my favorites, Matt Barrows has been invited to give input on what should be included. He gives a rundown of the meeting. | Barrows in meeting about what to include in new HoF. (Barrows)

A.J. Jenkins is learning from one of his idols, Randy Moss. He owned a Moss jersey growing up and is now trying to soak up everything he can from the future hall of famer. | A.J. Jenkins learning from Moss. ( has a story on A.J. Jenkins, our number one pick who happens to be from there. It discusses how much his life has changed since becoming a first round draft choice. I lived in Jacksonville for a 6 months. Lots of mosquitos. | A.J. Jenkins on how his life has changed. (

Jason Slowey has overcome all odds to make the NFL. He was viewed as a project player when he went to college at Western Oregon (which I honestly can't remember having heard of...ok, I've been away for nearly 10 years, but I would have thought I'd heard of a division II school) and now he's in the NFL, even competing for a starting position in his rookie year. | Slowey overcomes odds. (SFGate)

Matt Maiocco says that Dashon Goldson will sign with the 49ers eventually. He doesn't blame the player for trying to seek a long term deal, but the reality is that the franchise tender will be $2 million more than he's earned in the first 4 years of his career combined, so sitting out games is not going to be an option. | Goldson will sign. (Maiocco)

A video here with the 49ers rookie receivers first impressions as well as Maiocco's take on this and Dashon Goldson's holdout. | Video on 49ers rookie impressions. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Tarell Brown looking to improve on breakout season. (

Frank Gore will have the toughest time out of the 49ers stars this year, according to Mike Sando. There is increased competition and his possible successor will likely be playing behind him, pushing him for playing time. | Gore has hardest road. (Sando)

Don Banks gives us 7 strong hunches for the upcoming season and (if I'm adding links to national sports media then what is it...good or bad?) he thinks the Randy Moss of 2010 is what we're in store for. It's a sinking feeling that I think quite a few of us have, but the consequences of such a result won't be so dear now that we've added a WR with our first round selection. | Banks says Moss will be a bust. (

Vernon Davis' brother has been declared incompetent to stand trial. On a psychiatrist's recommendation, the trial judge declared him unfit, and he will be sent to a mental institution where they will attempt to restore his sanity. The crime he is accused of is a particularly brutal slaying with a hammer. | Davis' brother declared unfit for trial. (CSN Bay Area)

Hopefully this will be the end of the Cohn v Davis feud, but there's no telling what made him escalate it in the first place. It appears as though Grant Cohn has removed the worst of his tweets and posts against Anthony Davis. BASG has them saved here if you missed them. I get the feeling he doesn't like Cohn. | Cohn removes posts about Davis. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

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