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49ers May 15 Practice Video: A Whole Lot Of Jugs

The 49ers were back at practice yesterday and we've got a bit more video to keep you mildly entertained. And I managed to avoid hiding it behind a private wall. Learned something new on YouTube yesterday!

There's not a whole ton to break down from this video, but head after the jump for a few thoughts.

The first 30 seconds featured a coach using the Jugs machine to fire off passes to receivers and defensive backs. They are not the most accurate or well "thrown" of passes. At the same time, Carlos Rogers spent a lot of time working with the Jugs machine as part of his process of improving his catching ability. He also got laser-eye surgery so that may have played a significant role, but the Jugs machine provides plenty of practice. I believe Vernon Davis spends a lot of time with the Jugs machine.

While yesterday's video from Monday did not feature a whole ton of material, it seemed to provide a bit more content than this one. It's better than nothing, but there's only so much we can take from defensive backs running wide receiver routes and linebackers jumping over some small padding.

The video wraps up with Randy Moss running a quick little route and catching a pass. Truly riveting stuff.

For now the team cannot run offense versus defense drills, but they are still able to work on some basics of playbook implementation. There is a limitation on their ability to work on play-calling adjustments depending on the offensive or defensive look, but they can work on fundamentals and other basics.