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49ers OC Greg Roman Talks Offense On KNBR

49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman took a few minutes out of his day today to go on KNBR for a chat about the 49ers offense heading into the 2012 season. While the 49ers coaching staff is generally fairly tight-lipped about most everything, they still provide the occasional bit of insight. Additionally, Greg Roman's media interaction has generally been at least a little bit more interesting than we often see.

Roman didn't reveal a whole lot about the team, but he took some time to chat about several aspects of the offense, as well as some off-the-field stuff. When I get a chance to listen to or watch 49ers interviews, I try and tweet out pertinent quotations. You can check out the Niners Nation twitter account @NinersNation:

  • Wednesday workouts at this time of the year generally start with some individual work and treatment. Followed by organized lifting, then some football meetings
  • On Alex Smith consulting with Tom House: Coaching staff encouraged him to take advantage of this; provided an objective way to look at Smith's biomechanics and efficiency of motion - he also pointed out that there is not nearly enough time to get to those issues once 11-man football starts
  • On backup QBs: Kaepernick, Johnson and Tolzien are all doing a good job competing; "Iron sharpens iron"; Kaepernick making good strides spitting out plays in the huddle
  • On Randy Moss: Roman's still getting to know him; he's a smart football player with lots of energy; resume speaks for itself
  • On A.J. Jenkins: Roman doesn't think he's overwhelmed at this point and is taking advantage of the chance to be around and learn from successful players
  • On Michael Crabtree: He's a smart guy who has reached a point where he can teach young players and help the younger receivers
  • On LaMichael James: He plays big and wouldn't define him as a "tiny" player; he has a low center of gravity, which helps him

My favorite part of the interview probably came when Roman was asked about Gregg Williams. The host asked Roman about Williams comments before the Saints-49ers playoff matchup related to going after specific players. Roman took the high road stating that what other people want to do is up to them, but that is not something the 49ers do. The 49ers play good, hard, clean football. He said he won't sit in judgment but it was a great win for the 49ers.

Finally, there were reports out of practice yesterday that 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh actually suited up for practice yesterday at the quarterback position. There is no complete confirmation of what exactly went down and unfortunately Greg Roman would not comment on it. If we can find a picture or some video of Coach Harbaugh suited up, we'll get it posted. My fingers remain crossed!