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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith's Mechanics, NFL Top 100

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Another day, another Nuggets. That's what my mom always used to tell me. And this day would turn out to be more difficult than most. For whatever reason (Australia is said to have the worst internet in the first world) my internet is not functioning at its optimum level and I'm having trouble loading pages. Most of it is done and it will be just fine. I can't watch any of the videos and for some reason Mike Sando's blog won't pop up and it looks like he's got a bit of work up there today. So if anyone can get to it and post a link in the comments if there's anything relevant that would be great. You can get half of my pay for todays Nuggets!

As for the news, there's all sorts of articles on Alex Smith's mechanics, despite the fact that the story broke last week. Hmm.... here we go!

BASG has a massive article consolidating all of the info on Alex Smith's flirtation with new mechanics? What's that, you say? I know, that was a funny way of wording it, and no he's not picking up on your local grease monkey. Everything is being scrutinized, but footwork seems to be a key issue. | Alex Smith and mechanics. (Bay Area Sports Guy) has released a list of the top ten players under the age of 25 and the 49ers have two of them. You always worry about the "window" closing on your team, especially when it just opened less than a year ago. With the FO drafting young players like NaVorro Bowman and Aldon Smith, the window never closes. | Smith, Bowman among top ten under 25. (

Dylan DeSimone breaks down the linebacker position for the 49ers. I don't know how he managed as many words as he did. I would have simply listed the thesaurus entry for 'awesome' and left it at that. | Breaking down the LBs. (DeSimone)

Matt Barrows explains why there's no need to panic about Dashon Goldson's absence. Was there a need to panic that I was unaware about? The thought alone makes me hyperventilate. Goldson had a great year last year without the offseason, should keep himself in shape, and this allows the younger guys the reps they'll need to replace him. | No Goldson, no problem. (Barrows)

Barrows brings his A-game once again with this article on the fallout from Darius Felming's injury. Cam Johnson now has the spotlight securely focused on him. Will he step up? | Fleming injury casts light on Johnson. (Barrows)'s Christian Gin discusses what the 49ers may do at OLB now that Darius Fleming is probably done for the year. The 49ers have yet to comment on their plans for Fleming, but Cam Johnson is, once again, primed to benefit from Fleming's misfortune. | What will Niners do at OLB? (Examiner)

More talk about Alex Smith. Maiocco discusses his time with pitching coach Tom House as well as detailing the consequences of having to learn a new playbook in the offseason. Time spent learning schemes takes away from time spent working on mechanics. Duh...why didn't I think of that? | Smith, then and now. (Maiocco)

So, Eric Branch says that Alex Smith's work with House was not all mechanics. The mental aspect of the job also came into it. | Smith also worked on mind with House. (Branch)

Jed York has announced that the 49ers will not take part in HBO's Hard Knocks series. We already knew that Jed, but thanks. One of the least obvious reasons is that the new construction around the offseason practice field makes TV life really difficult. | Niners not going on 'Hard Knocks'. (Maiocco)

Unfortunately I'm having issues with my internet and am unable to load this video. Not sure if I linked it yesterday or not as it has no time stamp. Any videos will simply be linked to. | 49ers Q&A with Matt Maiocco. (CSN Bay Area)

Both Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham did not go to New York to collect their rings at the Giants official team ceremony. Instead they have remained in the Bay Area to work with their new team. | Jacobs and Manningham skip ring ceremony. (

Greg Roman has gone on KNBR and discussed the teams offensive focus for 2012. One of the key things is focusing on details and they've given each player a list of tiny details to work on leading up to the season. | Roman discusses offensive outlook. (

Both Joe Staley and Carlos Rogers have popped up in the NFL's top 100 players at 67 and 69 respectively. Here are the videos of them. | Joe Staley. | Carlos Rogers. (

Pro Football Focus has released a list of the top 10 performances by a 3-4 outside linebacker and Aldon Smith came in at number 5 and number 2 for his games against the Rams and Steelers. | Smith's performances among top 10. (Pro Football Focus)

Replay of Live Chat with Michael Crabtree. (

Grant Cohn gives us the top 5 players on the defense that aren't the top 4 players. Huh? Basically...he tells us who players 5-9 are on the defense. | Top 5 on defense that aren't the top 4. (Cohn)

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