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Jed York Says No To 49ers Hard Knocks

In a move that should surprise nobody, 49ers CEO Jed York appeared to confirm that the 49ers will not make an appearance on the 2012 edition of HBO's Hard Knocks.

I don't think anybody thought Jim Harbaugh or Trent Baalke would sign off on a move like this, but you never know what an owner will want to do. For example, with the New York Jets, Rex Ryan came out against going on Hard Knocks this year, but owner Woody Johnson had expressed interest. Eventually it was settled that the Jets would not appear.

I think this goes to show even further how much faith Jed York has in the people he has hired. Although he is generally a prominent figure with the 49ers, Jed York has never come across as in this for the glory. He wants to win a Super Bowl and have a successful franchise, but unlike some owners across the league, this is not a vanity project for him.

York also hit the nail on the head in looking to avoid distractions in 2012 as the team looks for another Super Bowl victory.

I think this team would generally be able to get past the distractions, but why both risking the possibility? Although the 49ers don't have quite the visibility they had during their dynasty years, since the hiring of Harbaugh and his first year success, they've become slowly returned to the spotlight. A Super Bowl win in 2012 would only further boost that profile.