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49ers Practice Video, May 16: Perrish Cox Getting Some Punt Return Work

We're back with another bit of practice video. Today we've got 1:11 of video shot during Wednesday's practice session. We don't have a ton of things going on with the video, but it's a bit different than some of the previous footage.

This time around, we see some more offensive line work, with Joe Staley and Mike Iupati running a couple drills. We have no say in what kind of video is made available, but it would be a bit more interesting to see the right side of the line doing work. We can't really tell much from these videos since it's shorts and jerseys and no defense opposite the players, but as always, it's better than nothing.

One interesting aspect of the video is Perrish Cox working in a punt return drill. Ted Ginn is number one on the depth chart at both return positions, but the team obviously wants a solid back-up behind him. Cox was involved in a lot of return work at Oklahoma State and got a few opportunities when he was with the Broncos in 2010. Having a strong backup at the return positions is obviously a little bit of a plus.