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Vernon Davis, Three Sport Star?

Just imagine the goal post as a backboard and the football as a basketball.
Just imagine the goal post as a backboard and the football as a basketball.

As 49er fans we all know about Vernon Davis' athleticism and star ability in football. Most of us are also aware that he participates in curling, to the extend that he's the honorary captain of the US Curling team. Is there a third sport awaiting for him to conquer?

Recently Sports Illustrated asked 121 NBA players which athletes from other sports would be able to play in the NBA. As you'd expect there are quite a few NFL tight ends on the list, but there are some names thatare just a little unexpected as well (Drew Brees?). Vernon Davis came in at 11th on the list. It's kind of an interesting look at what active players from another sport think about other professional athletes, though the list might have been better titled "What NFL players do NBA players think could make the transition?"

Join me after the jump for the full list.

1.) Calvin Johnson (yeah, I can see it. The guy is a freak of nature)
2.) Jimmy Graham (since he played college basketball this isn't surprising)
3.) Terrell Owens (this is surprising to me Thanks to mtl9ers44 who pointed out that TO played college basketball as well)
4.) Antonio Gates (another former basketball player)
5.) Cam Newton (based on what? popularity?)
6.) Tony Gonzalez (yet another former basketball player)
7.) Chad Ochocinco (I have to wonder about this one too)
8.) Julius Peppers (another former basketball player)
9.) Usain Bolt (another confusing choice for me. Because of his speed?)
10.) Larry Fitzgerald (another athletic freak)
11.) Vernon Davis (I could see Vernon being a solid NBA player. Athletic ability will do that for you)
12.) Rob Gronkowski (he played high school basketball)
13.) Drew Brees (This makes no sense to me)
14.) Rafael Nadal (don't know enough about his physical ability to say anything)
15.) CC Sabathia (again I know nothing about him, other than recognizing the name as being a star).

So the list contains 12 football players, 5 of whom are tight ends, and another one who played college basketball.