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Golden Nuggets: Wooh, Roster Projections!

Good morning ladies and gents. Ninjames here, after a couple days of Aaron. You guys actually get me for three-straight days, aren't you guys lucky? You surely are. On top of that, I'll be posting on NN a bit over the next couple days! Neat! Anyway, let's get to some quick links for the day on account of the fact I haven't kept up with the 49ers at all over the last like, two weeks. I'm sure I haven't missed much. Oh, and I made a roster projection. Neat again. Enjoy.

49ers Roster 2012: Early 53-Man Projection (Brady)

Aldon Smith: We weren't targeting Roethlisberger's ankle (Barrows)

Top 100 NFL players: No influence here, other than scouts, film (Prisco)

This is rich: Harbaugh last among NFC West peers in salary (Branch)

Vernon Davis Profiled In Core Of Sports Marine Corps Series [VIDEO] (SB Nation Bay Area)

Notes: 49ers lead league in potential lead-blockers (Maiocco)

Young guns: Top 10 NFL players under the age of 25 (

Trenton Robinson: the anti-Taylor Mays (Barrows)

Seahawks, Niners ride tenuous QB situations into 2012 season (Breer)

Alex Smith Enjoys Detailed Offseason (

San Francisco 49ers Pass On HBO's Hard Knocks (SB Nation Bay Area)

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