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49ers Practice Video May 17: A Little Pitchin' And Catchin'

The 49ers released another 1:20 of practice video from Thursday, and we get a bit more wide receiver work this time around. The video opens with three passes to Michael Crabtree, Kyle Williams and Mario Manningham. The last pass to Manningham appears to be from Josh Johnson. The second to last might be from JJ as well, but often there is an alternation between the quarterbacks, so we don't know for sure.

At the :22 second mark, Alex Smith takes a snap, runs a play action fake and then fires a pass. Given that we are now focused entirely on his knee bending, we see the knee bend and then straighten out. I don't know enough about quarterback mechanics to know how this compares to the general locked leg we've seen in the past. It appears a bit different from the constant locked leg of before, but I can't say with any certainty. Anybody feel like commenting on that?

The video moves on to a quick ball-catching drill for the linebackers, then back to quarterbacks firing some passes. It wraps up with rookie safety Trenton Robinson running a drill running a drill. Robinson runs forward, then shuffles to his right, pushes off a dummy, and then runs back and makes a catch on a pass. Robinson has become a fairly regular participant on these videos.