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A.J Jenkins "Other" Nickname Revealed At NFLPA Rookie Premiere Event

This weekend, the NFLPA is hosting a rookie event called NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Later in the summer the players will go through the rookie symposium, but this event is more of a chance to get the players' names out there and get them some quality publicity.

The weekend features a host of events ranging from the annual photo shoot for football cards, to events with youth around the area. Earlier today, SB Nation shot some video that featured some of the rookies, and our own A.J. Jenkins.

Amy K. Nelson and Dan Rubenstein were on hand for a youth football event that featured some of the rookies, and it seems like A.J. Jenkins really stood out. In looking over the video, it is kinda crazy how old Brandon Weeden looks. He's 28 years old, but really he looks like he's about 35.

The Jenkins part of the video shows some quality personality from the rookie receiver. In the post-draft press conference we learned one nickname he has is ET, because of his long fingers. However, Jenkins revealed a nickname from college, "Stinky." He said that at times he was referred to as Stinkin' Jenkins due to the fear he put in defensive backs. And I may never think of the word "boo-boo" the same after watching this.