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2012 NFL Draft: Reviewing the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are a really good team and the only thing holding me back from rooting for this historically poor team is their stupid, poopyface of a coach. I don't want to beat a dead horse - I mean, not like how the 49ers beat the Lions last year - but that guy seems like an idiot. You know, in the same way I bet Harbaugh seems to Lions fans.

The fact remains, though, that this is a strong team which really needed to just keep the gang together, for the most part. Maybe an upgrade on the o-line and a bit on defense would help. Oh wait? What's that you say? Examine their drafts picks? Okay, can do.

And wouldn't you guess - the Lions drafted with these needs in mind (or so it seems). The first round saw the Lions take OT Riley Reiff from Iowa. Reiff, or so I've read, has a lot of potential, but the Lions will probably want him on the blindside, and his footwork needs some coaching before he can be a superstar on the left side.

Defensively, the Lions decided to collect all the OLBs and CBs. In the third round, the Lions nabbed CB Dwight Bentley from Louisiana-Lafayette and in the fifth CB Chris Greenwood from Albion. On the OLB front, however, the Lions one-up'd even this, picking Ronnell Lewis from Oklahoma in the fourth, Tahir Whitehead from Temple in the fifth, and Travis Lewis from Oklahoma in the seventh. When in doubt, just pick a whole bunch and hope they stick, I suppose.

The only other offensive pick for the Lions was WR Ryan Broyles from Oklahoma as well. This guy wasn't really on my radar pre-draft, for some reason. So, while I won't say this is a "reach" per se, I was a bit surprised to see this pick in the second round. Also, I thought the Lions might pick up a RB, what with their injury problems last year.