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Golden Nuggets: Moss Mentoring Crabtree, How to Beat 49ers Defense

I'm back after three days off and it's good. I had to take care of some things yesterday, so I hope James didn't do too well in my absence, thus making me look bad. That would be unfortunate. Crazily enough, I didn't pay any attention to the Niners while I was off, so today's Nuggets will be like Christmas for me. I get to see old family members and catch up with what they've been doing, and I might even get a present!

And...I'm in for a big fat disappointment, and so are you if you wanted links! There are none! Well, by none I mean very few. Here they are.

Grant Cohn has a piece on how to attack the 49ers defense. He details an attack and gives the teams weak points on that side of the ball. Let's hope the other OCs in the audience aren't paying attention. | Cohn on how to attack the 49ers defense. (Cohn)

The first article for you is about Randy Moss mentoring Michael Crabtree. This is a best-case scenario for the 49ers, and maybe Crabtree can learn from both Moss' successes and his failures. As long as Crabtree doesn't pick up his bad habits, then we'll be smiling come January. | Moss could boost Crabtree's career. (

And that's it people. I've scoured the web, and if anyone finds anything, please post it in the comments. I'm sure that as the day grows long, the sports writers rouse and get posting. But in the mean time...let's see, what can we talk about... Well seeing as all the writers seem to be on vacation we'll talk about my pending vacation.

So I'll be in the Bay Area this summer for a bit and I'll be going to New York City for the first time in my life. I've got 3 days. What should I do with my 3 days? What would you do with 3 days. I'll have my wife with me so it's got to be civilized and she'll probably want to go to Broadway, leaving me a bit of time on my own....what to do? Anyone else got any good summer plans?

Being a Sheep

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