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NFC West Radar: Beanie Wells' Status Remains A Bit Of A Question Mark

I always like to get a little bit of divisional information in the mix given the extensive number of matchups involved, and given how quiet things are now, I thought this was something pertinent to get on your radar. As we head into the summer, the Arizona Cardinals could find themselves with a bit of a question mark surrounding running back Beanie Wells.

Wells is sitting out OTAs this week as he rehabs his knee. Wells had surgery on his right knee on January 24, and it was expected that he might miss OTAs. However, even as he is missing the activities, there is some question as to the severity of the knee injury.

Wells said he was pretty confident he would be back when the time is back. However, when pressed on the severity of the knee surgery, Wells said it was a little more complicated than cleaning up meniscus issues. At the end of the media session, Kent Somers asked about microfracture surgery. Somers indicated Wells smiled as he walked away.

The Cardinals would be in a tough situation if Wells had to miss any extended period of time. Wells started last season incredibly well, but his knee became an issue early on and he could never seem to completely shake it. The Cardinals need a healthy Wells to carry the running game. They have a QB situation that's dicey at best and a strong running game would be a boon to whomever ends up running the offense.

The Cardinals have plenty of issues even with a healthy Wells, but a strong season from him could go a long way towards rectifying some of their problems. For now though, I think the NFC West is a bit of a two-man race between the 49ers and Seahawks. The 49ers are the clear favorites, but the Seahawks have made enough moves to make it interesting if the 49ers regress too much.