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Golden Nuggets: OTAs begin, Kyle Williams Speaks

Les Nuggets D'Or. At least that's what the French call them. Me and you simply refer to them as the Golden Nuggets. And that's our lesson for today. Sorry guys. I've been reading a book about French and this is the sort of thing my brain comes up with. As for the Nuggets, OTAs begin today. What does it all mean. Well, there's a few links below that explain it, or, for the impatient among you, it means -----spoiler alert----- that vets can wear helmets. That's pretty much it.

And in other news, Kyle Williams has spoken for the first time since that fateful day. We don't even want to rehash all of it here. You can go through the pain yourself by clicking the link. The link should not be clicked by Niners fans who are pregnant, have a heart problem, history of fainting, rage, or super rage. It's nice to see the young man is still able to think positively.

SB Nation, at the NFLPA rookie trading card shoot, got A.J. Jenkins to interview LaMichael James. Here are the results. James gives us an idea of what we should expect next season. | Jenkins interviews James. (Bay Area SB Nation)

Frank Gore has changed his offseason program. For the first time in his career he will spend most of his time in the Bay Area instead of his native Miami. Gore's durability has been under scrutiny as of late and he's spending the extra time with strength and conditioning coach Mark Uyeyama. There also a nice video embedded here regarding the subject. | Gore changes offseason routine. (Maiocco)

Gore vows to be the same full-time RB, despite the teams free agency and draft additions. Gore also tells us what's good about the new guys. | Gore still plans to be feature back. (Inman)

Kyle Williams doesn't want to forget the NFC Championship (most of us are still trying to). He's trying to use the painful memories of his two costly fumbles as motivation to become even better. There's not much else he can do, really. | Williams using bad memories as motivation. (Maiocco)

Matt Barrows has the complete transcript from the Kyle Williams interview. He spoke for the first time since his two costly mistakes mentioned above. | Williams interview transcripts. (Barrows)

Perrish Cox may have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in his sexual assault trial but the 49ers new CB is still under review by the NFL under its code of conduct. A suspension from the league may be in the works. | Cox's case under review by NFL. (Maiocco)

And a fourth story from Matt Maiocco gives the details of the offseason program's move to phase 3. I can hear the thud of 1,000 "huhs?" in my ears. Veteran players are now allowed to don helmets, basically. This article has some other team notes as well. | Vets can wear helmets! (Maiocco)

Cam Inman also expands on what the new phase in the offseason means. OTAs are all the rage around the league. There's also some notes on the team, who's hurting, who's not there, and a mini-calender at the bottom. | What do OTAs mean? (Inman)

The boys are using the OTAs to continue to build that foundation for success. Joe Staley's got some quips to be found here. He's a loose cannon, that one. | OTAs under way! (

Video: 49ers begin OTAs. (

OTAs are here, so let the roster battles begin! Both the RB and WR position will be hotly contested this offseason as there appears to be a logjam at each. Some people are not going to make the team and there may be a big name or two. | RB and WR begin with OTAs. (Yahoo! Sports)

Matt Barrows gives us a list of under-the-radar players who have an outside chance of making the team with a little blurb about each player, either biographical or why they might make the team. | List of under-the-radar players who may make the team. (Barrows)

Mike Sando discusses an NFC West newcomer for each team and how they fit in salary-wise. Randy Moss is the pick for the 49ers. That's an easy one. Make the team, get $2.5 million. Get cut and get jack-doodley-squat. | Sando on NFC West newcomer salaries. (Sando)

We have a video about the 5 WR with the best hands in the NFL. But there's also a bit about why Coach Harbaugh praised Michael Crabtree's hands so much recently. Here's a hint: it's not just because he has to. | Video: WRs with the best hands. (Sando)

More Michael Crabtree news, this time from Matt Barrows. He questions whether or not Crab can live up to the props heaped on him by Coach Harbaugh. He notes the similarity in treatment that Crabtree is receiving this year and they way Harbaugh boosted Alex Smith leading into, and throughout, last season. | Will Crabtree live up to Harbaugh's hype? (Barrows)

An article yesterday compared LaMichael James to Baltimore's Ray Rice. What about Kendall Hunter? Yes, the two do appear to be quite similar and the article goes on to show combine stats for all three of the above mentioned players to further the comparisons. | James and Hunter mirror images? (SFGate)

Au revoir mon amies. Apologies to anyone who speaks french...I believe there were a few of you I noticed. And thanks to everyone for all of their suggestions about what to do in NYC on Mondays Nuggets.

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