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NFL Players Discuss Idea Of Support For Gay Teammates

Recently at work I learned that is a part of the SB Nation network of sports sites. I learned this in part because of an interesting set of interviews they conducted at the recent NFLPA Rookie Premiere event in Los Angeles. Outsports attended the event and took some time to interview athletes, with some rather interesting stories resulting.

During the event they had a chance to chat with a variety of players. Their interview with Ahman Green was probably the most in depth and hit the strongest note. He and several other players indicated they would support a gay teammate if such a player came out to the team. Several players have announced after they retired that they were gay, but none has made that significantly public move of doing so while still playing.

SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson took a few minutes to chat with the author of the piece, Cyd Zeigler. There is also a feature over at SB Nation associated with the video. Check out the video and/or article when you get a minute.