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49ers Over/Under: 10.0 Wins In 2012

We've discussed the 49er 2012 schedule several times over the last month and a half, with the most recent covering early spreads for the first 16 weeks of NFL action. The 49ers are favorites in 11 of their first 15 games, with no spread set yet for Week 17 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Earlier today, released the first set of over/under for wins for each team. I thought I had seen the numbers elsewhere, but I may have been confusing it with something else. As it currently stands, the 49ers over/under for wins sits at 10.0. They lead the division, with the Seahawks and Cardinals sitting at 7 wins, and the Rams sitting at 6 wins. The Patriots and Packers are at the top of the NFL with over/unders of 12 wins.

That 10.0 makes for a tough judgment call. A lot of chatter has the 49ers looking like a ten-win team in 2012. At 9.5 I think this is an easy wager to make. At 10.0, it's rather difficult. Personally I'd bet the over. I think they're good enough to win 11+ games. More importantly, I don't bet against my team, if I choose to bet on them. In this case, taking the under strikes me too much as betting against the 49ers. But that's my own opinion.

As a reminder, here is what the 49ers' schedule looks like for 2012:

Week 1 - at Green Bay Packers
Week 2 - vs. Detroit Lions
Week 3 - at Minnesota Vikings
Week 4 - at New York Jets
Week 5 - vs. Buffalo Bills
Week 6 - vs. New York Giants
Week 7 - vs. Seattle Seahawks
Week 8 - at Arizona Cardinals

Week 9 - BYE
Week 10 - vs. St. Louis Rams
Week 11 - vs. Chicago Bears
Week 12 - at New Orleans Saints
Week 13 - at St. Louis Rams
Week 14 - vs. Miami Dolphins
Week 15 - at New England Patriots
Week 16 - at Seattle Seahawks
Week 17 - vs. Arizona Cardinals