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NFL Rookie Premiere Video: AJ Jenkins Has Some Artistic Skills

Over the last week I've posted a couple different videos involving the 2012 NFLPA rookie premiere, and I'm back with one more. It's raining like cats and dogs here in DC and this strikes me as something to just kick back and enjoy this afternoon/evening.

Amy K. Nelson and Dan Rubenstein shot some video at the rookie trading card event that goes on each year. I think the entire video is entertaining (some moments funnier than others), but you do get some 49ers-specific stuff late in the video. A.J. Jenkins did a pretty good job drawing the SB Nation logo. Not big time stuff, but pretty cool nonetheless.

We should have some more content in the coming days, hopefully a bit more Jenkins and James specific. In the meantime, make sure and subscribe to the SB Nation YouTube channel for some cool content.