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Golden Nuggets: Andy Lee Extension, Media Attends OTAs

Hey everyone. How is everything going? Great here in Melbourne despite the weather turning for the worst rather early this year. We've got mid-winter weather in late autumn. Makes me think it'll be a long one. I'm glad I'm missing the worst month.

As for the news that doesn't pertain to Aaron...well Andy Lee signed a contract extension. That's great as he was the single most dominant punter in the history of the world last year. Umm....maybe? Someone get us some stats. By the way, here in Australia a punter means a bettor, or a random member of the public, and, as you know, we've snagged a few of their Aussie Rules players and made them 'punters', much to the delight of the crowd back home. Sav Rocca and Ben Graham are the latest 'punters' and of course Darren Bennett of the San Diego Chargers was the best 'punter' of the 1990's.

Enjoy, punters!

So everyone single one of us has been stressed to the max about when the Andy Lee contract extension would get done. We didn't want a Drew Brees like situation brewing here in the Bay. The wait is over. He is extended and this is probably the first time I've written his name since I started way back in March. Let's not laugh too much...he was our MVP for a few seasons there. | Lee contract extension. (Bay Area SB Nation)

The media got their first glimpse at the OTAs and Coach Harbaugh spoke at a press conference afterward. He states that attendance has been phenomenal and implies that Alex Boone has the first crack at the right guard position. Here is the video and transcript. | Transcript and video of Harbaugh press conference. (Maiocco)

Inman has some notes from the second day of OTAs. Alex Smith scoffs at the 300 yard passing mark saying that teams that lose have to throw to try to come back and have lots of them. We're trying to win with balance. Delanie Walker banged his knee and sat out the afternoon and Carlos Rogers, Ted Ginn Jr., and Joe Looney all sat out. | Inman's notes from day 2 of OTAs. (Inman)

Matt Barrows has some thoughts on day 2 of the OTAs as well. He discusses the RG position. Alex Smith notes that things are going at the same speed as last years shortened offseason, despite all the extra time. | Barrows on day 2. (Barrows)

Kevin Lynch has some notes for Randy Moss catches several passes from Alex Smith is the lead in. Let's just hope that carries over to the regular season, however far off it may be. | Smith to Moss and other notes. (SFGate)

49ers OL Garrett Chisolm has an amazing story. Almost brings a tear to your eye so don't read this if you're all emo or something. He's going to be in a battle to make the team, but has worked hard his entire life and will continue to do so. | The amazing story of Garrett Chisolm. (SFGate)

Christian Gin at has his notes from day 2. There is some overlap here in a lot of the articles, but this is the most excitement we're getting for a little while, so enjoy it while you can. | More notes on day 2 of OTAs. (

Matt Maiocco expands on Alex Smith and some of the comments he made about the passing game. "The passing game must get better," according to Smith. Smith also talks about Randy Moss. | Passing game must get better. (Maiocco)

Coach Harbaugh reiterated that Michael Crabtree's hands are the best he's ever seen. There are more notes here from Maiocco and an OL depth chart for those that like depth charts (I do). | Crabtree's hands the best. (Maiocco)

Here are more notes from Maiocco. Kendall Hunter to battle for playing time. (Maiocco)

Alex Boone talks about changing positions in this video. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Alex Smith talks about his new toys on offense. (CSN Bay Area)

Grant Cohn has a preview of how the Niners match up against the Packers, our opponent in week 1. He notes that the Packers have a new LT, who has been shaky at best. Aldon Smith is expected to eat him alive. | Cohn previews Niners v Packers (Cohn)

Video: 49ers sign Andy Lee to extension. (

Taylor Price at has a large article on what Andy Lee means to the 49ers and why they signed him through 2018. | Lee is valued by 49ers. (

Mike Sando's NFC West mailbag has a few items of interest. He relays the last 4 years of all-NFC West team selections. He also notes how Delanie Walker's injury, as well as Kevin Kolb's injury at the hands of Ahmad Brooks, might have had different outcomes had the defensive player in question had knee pads on. The league is pushing to make knee and thigh pads mandatory. | Mike Sando's mailbag. (Sando)

Sando's other piece on offer today is about ESPN's 'Future Power Rankings 2015' and how it applies to the NFC West. ESPN has the 49ers ranked 4th in 2015 using a weighted formula that ranks current roster, FO, coaching, and more. The rest of the division doesn't even crack the top 20. It's a weird idea and Sando has a few objections. Unfortunately, the article about the rankings is an insider piece, and thus off limits to us outsiders. | Sando on ESPN's future power rankings. (Sando)

Ann Killion at has a large article on Randy Moss. In the article, Killion sums up a lot of what we've been hearing from our coaching staff and players over the last few weeks, so this may not be new. It's new that it's in the national media, however. | Moss doing all the right things. (

They were running the above article on the front page so they included other articles on the 49ers to make it fit their format. One of the articles is an old one from Chris Burke, written shortly after the signing. What do you think about his observations now that Moss has suited up? | How does Moss fit in with 49ers? (

With all the added toys comes added pressure for Alex Smith. "It's like Christmas", he said. The expectations will be as high as ever and the offense, often overshadowed by the dominating defense, will have to carry more of the load. | Alex Smith faces high expectations. (

Frank Gore is not worried about the competition. That's what he's saying publicly. In his 7 seasons, not one back-up has posed a threat to his playing time so why should they now. Hate to say it Frank, but you're 29, that's why. | Gore not worried about competition. (Branch)

Slideshow showing progress on stadium construction. (Mercury News)

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