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Golden Nuggets: NaVorro Bowman ... Pay The Man!

There's two prominent discussions among us 49ers fans that continue to pop up that I can't stand lately: discussions about how awesome wide receiver Randy Moss is going to be and talk of extending linebacker NaVorro Bowman. The first one because I honestly don't see it and I wonder what we'd all be saying if Moss was signed by a team that wasn't the 49ers.

Of course, the bit about Bowman drives me mad because I get more and more afraid that Bowman will find a home elsewhere when his contract comes up. I look at all these players and I'm not sure how the 49ers will afford him since he's just about on the level of Patrick Willis - or at least he was in 2011. Scary stuff. Let's get to the links for the day.

To start, not something specifically about the 49ers but still worth talking about ... the NFL passed some rules that allowed for more leg padding. Which brings up the question: why is helmet technology failing to evolve when the NFL is, on the surface, so worried about head trauma? Leg padding is hardly the issue here. | NFL moves trade deadline back, passes rule for more leg padding (

Thoroughly impressed with the 49ers' ability to lock up punter Andy Lee from now until the end of time, seemingly. I think it's simply said best in the headline of this piece. | 49ers sign Andy Lee to safest 6-year extension ever (BA Sports Guy)

Truly believe it would be a big mistake to have Kyle Williams be the guy fielding punts in any form or fashion. We're long past the point of being reactionary and my judgment isn't clouded - this guy has a history of making the same mistakes he made, whether Maiocco explains these particular ones or not. It's just not a smart move. I love Williams and hope he really has worked hard to be a great receiver this offseason. But he should not be a returner. | Harbaugh comfortable with Williams fielding punts (Maiocco)

You know, I was going to write about why Michael Crabtree excites me big time going forward, but Eric Branch already did that so I'll just link it, yeah? | Inside the numbers: Crabtree was a No. 1 in final 11 of '11 (Branch)

Sure, I don't expect much of Moss at all, but if his attitude is good, he has a lot of knowledge he can impart to A.J. Jenkins. Hopefully he picks up that Jerry Rice mentality since hanging out with him, and combines that with what Moss can teach him on the field. | Pool report: Jenkins following Moss' every move (Barrows)

Alex Smith doesn't need 300-yard games to be successful in the NFL if 2011 is anything to go by, but it sure would be nice, no? I mean, I'll take a few more of those 291-yard and 299-yard affairs, too. | Putting Alex Smith's Cam Newton Theory to the test (BA Sports Guy)

Not entirely sure I agree with Harbaugh when he says the 49ers have four NFL quarterbacks on their roster, but I will admit that all three of the guys behind Alex Smith intrigue me in one way or another. I can't get away from my interest in Josh Johnson, and then Colin Kaepernick is always compelling. Look for Scott Tolzien to have an impressive preseason if given the chance. | Harbaugh: 49ers feature four 'NFL quarterbacks' (Maiocco)

Frivolous lawsuits occur everywhere, I suppose. We see them in every aspect of our life, including in our precious NFL. This collusion lawsuit from the NFLPA against the NFL is absolutely silly. Then again, you can usually gauge that kind of thing when the person who filed the lawsuit uses the word "conspiracy." DeMaurice Smith has gone a long way from his stylish fedora and bowler hats - he's now rocking one of the tinfoil variety. Just my $.02 of course, and maybe I'll end up totally wrong. That happens a lot. | Union leader says NFL doesn't deny collusion (

Preview: How the Niners match up against the Seahawks (Cohn)

OTA notes: Unlucky break forces Beeler to the left (Barrows)

Alex Smith's opportunity, and responsibility, after the 49ers' WR upgrade (Kawakami)

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