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Caption This: Generally Managing

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Welcome back for another week of Caption This! Last week I updated you all on the fact that 49ers players are doing things related to football. It's true. They're wearing uniforms and helmets and everything. But that was just a sample size of one. It could have been a fluke. I know how statistics work, after all, and one update about 49ers players doing things related to football hardly represents a trend.

So I dug deep to find confirmation, and I'm happy to report for a second time that 49ers players are doing things related to football. This is wonderful news for those of us who like the 49ers and/or football and/or players doing things. If I extrapolate this out, they'll probably keep doing things related to football just about every week from now until the end of time. I graphed it out to make sure, and the data seems solid.

Here we have Trent Baalke, Alex Boone, and Anthony Davis all being entertaining in some way. In my imagination, Baalke is telling them a story. It's a gripping story, because look at how he's gripping the air in front of him. Alex Boone is shocked by this story, but Anthony Davis knows all too well how something like that could happen. I could fill in the details for you, but it would probably require explicit language and additional graphs to get the whole thing out.

What do you think is going on in this photo? Give us your best captions for this one down in the comments section, and rec any that give you a laugh. Last week, I tied with Virginia9er for most recs. This week, it could be you.