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A.J. Jenkins Interviews LaMichael James At NFL Rookie Premiere Event

SB Nation was at the NFL Rookie Premiere last week and managed to score a lot of video from the event. 49ers rookies A.J. Jenkins and LaMichael James were on hand and the network was able to get time for Jenkins to interview James at the Rose Bowl. James' was a couple months removed from his last appearance at the Rose Bowl when his Oregon Ducks edged out the Wisconsin Badgers 45-38.

It is safe to say these are two excited rookies. They face an uphill battle to prove their worth in the coming months, but they seem to have a great attitude heading into training camp.

If you missed some of the earlier video, head after the jump to check them out. AJ Jenkins makes entertaining appearances in both. And of course, please make sure and subscribe to SB Nation's YouTube station. There is some awesome video to check out. One of our most randomly awesome? Blake Griffin highlights set up in NBA Jam (Boom Shaka-Laka!).

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