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Alex Smith, Jon Beason Engaged In May Doldrums Non-Story

In case there was any doubt that nothing is happening, the big story today is Alex Smith's Cam Newton/Panthers comments from Wednesday and Jon Beason's recent tweet about those comments. I put together a quick write-up over at SB Nation NFL.

I am not surprised that Panthers fans are taking offense to the comment, and it is not surprising that Jon Beason is looking to stand up for his quarterback. The problem is a misperception as to what Alex was addressing. In reality, I would say that if Alex was "hating" on anything, it was the Panthers defense. If Beason is going to take offense to something, maybe it's Alex calling out Beason's defensive unit.

The only way the two teams can face off is in the postseason, and I'd imagine the NFL would love to see that happen. While I'd say the story would be long since forgotten, the Internet would surely not allow that to happen. For the short term though, this will likely be forgotten by the end of Memorial Day weekend.