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Golden Nuggets: Smith Vs. Newton? Alright Then

Hey gang, after a full edition of the Nuggets yesterday, I'm checking in with some really quick links for you today. I finally got down my thoughts on Randy Moss and all of his expectations, so that will be the first link. I urge you to tell me why exactly you have such high expectations for him - I'm always open to such talk, even if I likely can't be swayed from my point of view. At any rate, let's jump right into the links for the day.

The Randy Moss Delusion: Unexpected Expectations For 49ers Receiver (Brady)

Smith vs. Newton: It is soooo on now. (Barrows)

49ers look for new ways to stay fit in offseason (Knapp)

Crabtree seems to be catching on (Branch)

When was the last time Alex Smith was told to pipe down? (Inman)

Impressive offseason pushes 49ers into role as Super Bowl favorite (Maiocco)

NFL Predictions: Skip Bayless Says 49ers Won't Win NFC West (SB Nation Bay Area)

Alex Smith is right on point in criticizing Cam Newton's 'success' (Gin)

Niners paying to keep core of team together (

Recalling Aikman's advice: Just win, Alex (Branch)

49ers' Jim Harbaugh 6th in NFL Coaches Power Rankings (SB Nation Bay Area)

The Alex Smith-Cam Newton Brouhaha (Cohn)

A.J. Jenkins Learning From Rice, Moss (

Miller Continues Fullback Development (

Being a Sheep

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