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2012 NFL Draft: Reviewing the New York Jets

The Jets had sort of weird draft in that if you looked at their picks without any sort of context, you would see eight picks. That's cool. Eight picks is pretty solid. That's a lot of new players to add to a team. Should be a good amount of new competition.

Then, give the draft a bit of context, and you see that five of those eight picks are from rounds six and seven. Don't get me wrong: there are good players to be found in the latter rounds. Just, well, Tom Brady. Need I say more? But, for the vast, vast majority of the time, you will not pick a Tom Brady type. Maybe the Jets were happy with their picks earlier on and didn't see the need to move up a bunch. It's conceivable, as a couple of the early picks are pretty solid. Who knows? I ain't going to speculate. I just wanted to point out that for a team which isn't too far removed from the AFC Championship, this seemed like an odd draft. What do I know?

What I do know is that I like the Jets' first two picks relative to where they picked them. In the first round, they selected DE Quinton Coples from North Carolina. This guy can be a versatile defender in the NFL, as he was in college. So maybe he struggles a bit against the run - I like his potential for a team like the Jets.

Joining him is another high-potential (albeit high bust potential too) guy in WR Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech. As 49er fans, we don't need too much introduction the Mr. Hill, though I think most of us can agree that the second round is a pretty swell place to pick him.

The other "big" name in the Jets' draft is Robert T. Griffin from Baylor. That is, OG Robert T. Griffin. What an odd coincidence... He is joined in the sixth round by fellow Baylor alum RB Terrance Ganaway and FS Josh Bush from Wake Forest.

Rounding out the draft is OLB Demario Davis from Arkansas State, picked in the third round, SS Antonio Allen from South Carolina, and Jordan White, WR, from Western Michigan. The latter two were the Jets' seventh round picks.