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Golden Nuggets: Tarell Brown Bets on Pro-Bowl Appearance, Patrick Willis Defends Alex Smith

Hello everyone. Happy Memorial Day weekend. How's it feel having three days off? Well, I couldn't answer that question, now could I? What's everyone doing for the weekend? When I was younger we'd go camping. Or at least go out to Lake Berryessa or Lake Solano and barbecue...what about you?

As for the news, I'm assuming it's a slow one. I sure hope so, I have to go out to dinner for a friends birthday. Let's have a look.

Cam Inman has a ton of notes for you to take in. First, Tarell Brown says he if he doesn't make the pro-bowl he's donating a games worth of pay to charity. Most of the notes are on the defense. NaVorro Bowman wants to the D to avoid complacency. There's also a defensive depth chart. | Brown guarantees a pro-bowl. (Inman)

So has everyone had enough of the Alex Smith v Jon Beason non-story? I have. And I'm glad that Patrick Willis has as well. "Wins are wins," he says, and that's all that matters. So move on! | Willis defends Smith. (Maiocco)

Another story by Cam Inman tells how Alex Boone is making strides at right guard. He has the first shot at locking down the position. There's also some discussion about the depth chart at OL. | Boone making strides. (Inman)

J.R. Hildebrand, race car driver and prospective Indy 500 champion is a lifelong 49ers fan from Sausalito. He got to know Coach Harbaugh after a visit last year and Coach has been a regular at the Indy 500 since his days playing for the Colts and will be rooting for the local boy, despite not being able to attend. | Harbaugh to attend Indy 500. (Branch)

On a slow news day, I thought I'd throw this one into the mix., who fall under the SB Nation umbrella, have a piece on the top 5 picks of the last 10 years. How many of them have made a pro-bowl? Won a Super Bowl? Won Rookie of the Year? All questions answered if you follow the link. | Top 5 picks over the last 10 years. (SB Nation)

And finally, they've ranked the teams in popularity, and we've come in 8th place. We'll never be prom queen in 8th place. Never. | 49ers rank 8th in popularity. (Sando)

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